Food Donations for The Greater Chicago Depository:

A-All Financial will be accepting food donations that will be given to the Greater Chicago Despository.  We will be accepting these items through December 1st, and here is a list of their most needed items:

• Beans
• Canned Fruit
• Canned Vegetables
• Cereal
• Chili
• Jelly
• Macaroni and Cheese
• Pasta
• Pasta Sauce
• Peanut Butter
• Rice
• Shelf-Stable Milk
• Soup
• Stew
• Tuna


A ALL Financial -  Donations to a Tanzanian Family

 A All Financial sponsors a child, Sajira (4yrs old girl) who lives in Tanzania with her family, through World Vision.  World Vision is always looking for new sponsors for the many children in the world who need help,Worldvision .  They also have a wonderful way for charitable people to pool their donations to use to change a family’s life by giving them a goat, chickens, or fresh drinking water or even a well. Several times throughout the year the A All Financial Employees shop for small items like shorts, t-shirts, toothbrushes etc to send to Sajira with a letter. Since she is so small, her father writes back.  It’s a wonderful to know you made another human beings life a little happier or easier - check out their website…consider a donation.  


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