Works Like a Bank Account

The Visa prepaid debit cards from A-All Financial work like a checking account, allowing you to keep your money safe in an account instead of carrying around cash. All of our cards are FDIC insured so that we can ensure the safety of your money. The card you will receive from A-All Financial will have a debit logo on it, exactly like one you would get from a bank.

Offers overdraft protection

Our Visa Pre-Paid debit card offers overdraft protection.  For a small fee you no longer need to worry about your transaction being declined if your account is short the necessary funds.

Offers Free Direct Deposit

Using a debit card from A-All Financial allows you to get your money faster. You can have your A-ALL Financial Payday Loan, paychecks or government benefits automatically deposited to your card.  With our Visa prepaid debit cards, you get unlimited bill paying without having to worry about extra charges being added to your account.

Is Safer Than Cash

Since your Visa prepaid debit card is FDIC insured, it is backed by the U.S. government. There will also be no unauthorized charges placed on the card on the off chance that it is lost or stolen.

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