Q: What is a Currency Exchange?
A: A C/E is place where you can take care of several different errands for example cashing your check, paying on your utility bills, updating your plate sticker, buying a Money Order, and sending a wire transfer to a love one. All in the convenience of one safe place, where the hours work around your schedule and the Customer Service is Great!
 Q: Do you accept American Express?
A: No, I’m sorry at this time only Visa or M/C cards are accepted.
Q: Can I pay by check for my City Sticker?
A: Unfortunately the City of Chicago doesn’t accept checks for City Stickers, you can pay by cash, Debit, or by Credit Card.
Q: Do you do Cash Advances?
A: Yes we offer Cash Advance services off your Visa or M/C cards. The limit is 2,000.00 a day, our fee is 5% plus $5.00 on the total amount needed.
Q: Can I get cash off my Link Card?
A: I’m sorry we don’t have a way of removing cash from your Link Card, but we do have an ATM in the lobby.
Q: Can I title and register a boat at your facility?
A: Yes, all you need is the Title, the SS# of the new owners, and your bill of sale. You will walk out with a 120 day pass, your title and boat stickers will arrive in the mail. If paying by check please make sure to bring two (one for the state and one for revenue) and our fee would be in cash.
Q: Do you sell visitor parking passes?
A: No I’m sorry we don’t offer that service here you can purchase them at one of the two city Satellite Stores or at City Hall.
Q: Can I get a birth certificate at your location?
A:You can order a certified copy of birth, marriage or death certificates from Cook County through us. Birth Certificate: Must be 18 or older and provide a driver's license or state id. A parent must be present with id to get a certificate for anyone under 18. Marriage Certificate: You must provide id only one party needs to be present. Death Certificate: A member of the decease's family must present id.
Q: If I come into your location and do transaction xyz...what form of payment do you accept?
A:  Cash or Debit 
Q: Do you check my credit for loans?
A: No, there is no credit check required, get your loan today!
Q: Do you finance to buy a vehicle/house?
A. No, our services are meant for short term needs.
Q: If I pay my loan can I get another the same day?
A:Yes, all you will need is your most recent pay stub.
Q: Can my spouse and I both be on the loan?
A:No, only one individual can be on a loan. Each of you can apply and it is possible for each to get a loan.
Q: What do I need to get a loan?

A:It's easy! You need a State ID or Driver's license, Most recent paystub, Current Bill, and most recent bank statement. It's ok if you do not have a bank statement, we also offer loans to those without a bank account.

Q: Do you need experience to work there?
A: No experience is necessary we do in-store training, if you do have cash handling experience it’s a plus.
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